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You should not plant an Oak tree next to your house

Oak trees
Fall 2013

Oaks (Quercus)  are majestic and beautiful. They can tower upwards of 100′ tall and drop tons of acorns in a year. When an Oak reaches about 20-30 years old, it will start producing acorns. After about 40 years, the Oak trees will “abundantly” start producing. I can attest to this because the first fall in our current home, we raked and shoveled over 4 tons of acorns and hauled them away. Imagine a truck bed filled to the top of the cab and that is what we did-twice! For a couple of weeks in the fall it would rain acorns all night- pinging off the roof of the house and the top of the cars.

If you have Oak trees, then when I say -it is not safe to be outside on a windy fall day- you will know what I am saying. Acorns hurt when they hit you from the top of a 50′ Oak.

Then about 4 years ago, I hired a tree trimmer to limb (or take off all the branches) up the top canopy. He said “you are not supposed to take off more than 25%” and I replied “you are not going to kill these trees” and so I had them take off about 50%. It was the best money every spent because it cut down on acorns and it allowed a lot more sun to reach my yard and beds. I am not a pruner but Oak and other Trees  need to be trimmed to keep the healthy and remove dead or dying branches. Plus limbing up large trees allows more light to reach under the trees.