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The American Bullfrog

The American Bullfrog, frogs, garden frogThe American Bullfrog

The American Bullfrog took up residence in my pond this spring (2016). At first I did not know this was a Bullfrog because I had some weird idea that Bullfrogs looked different. After all people eat frog legs and I thought bullfrogs were enormous creatures who only lived in the bayous of Lousiana or in large ponds somewhere else.

Boy was I wrong

Now I do not know if this is a male or female because everything I researched says males have a yellow throat and are smaller. However, Bullfrogs are fast and can jump! The goldfish living in my pond do not seem to mind the guardian of the pond (even though Bullfrogs will eat fish, mice, snakes, and anything that they can fit in their mouths!) So far, he has not dined on the 25 cent goldfish.

The American Bullfrog, frogs in garden, frogI did read that male Bullfrogs are very territorial and vocal and the females are larger. Since it had been years since I took biology I had to look up what that cool circle is behind the eye. This ‘ear drum’ or Tympanum sends vibrations and protects the frog’s inner ear.

According to various sources, the American Bullfrog is native to Canada and down the Eastern half- reaching far west as Kansas and Oklahoma- to the Southern part of the United States. Today the American Bullfrog can be found on the west coast in areas where it was introduced; and considered an invasive species.

The American Bullfrog has been released in other countries for the purpose of providing food for humans (and other species) and as a predator. This has been a ecological mistake because the Bullfrogs eat other native frogs and species plus carry diseases that spread to the native frogs.

There are many pictures on the internet of frogs

The American Bullfrog, frogs in garden, frogMy (and I do not mean this in the possessive way) American Bullfrog is not like any picture on the internet. I have googled and searched through hundreds of photos to find brighter green and multi colored green and brown Bullfrogs. But my Bullfrog is brown with some yellow on the throat so I am thinking this is a she.

I have heard the Bullfrog this spring. I have not heard any Bullfrogs coming from my backyard pond for a while now (which from what I read will be vocal and compete for the female attention during the mating time).

I have tried to sneak up and catch the Bullfrog so I can look at its underside. The Bullfrog is fast and so my attempts have failed miserably. One day I may catch her off guard but for now she watches over my pond like a statue. I have to confess that I panic when she disappears but she always returns to one of the potted plants growing in my pond.

If you wondering how to attract frogs to your pond, just do what I did- I put in the pond and they found it! I usually just let nature do her own thing but you could go hunting for a frog or two and release them in your pond. Frogs will come and go in your backyard ponds and it is exciting for me to have this large brown American Bullfrog taking up residence.

Thanks for stopping by and remember that how we tend the Earth is what we reap in our gardens.

The American Bullfrog, frog in garden



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